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These workshops are intended for community organizations, schools, educational centers and other organizations wishing to introduce young people to the world of 3D. 

During these workshops, participants will discover the artistic possibilities related to 3D with various software. Participants will learn how to create 3D characters on various online platforms and animate them. But not only that, we will also learn how to create 3D images, play with shapes and animate them.


These workshops are the perfect opportunity to discover the basic techniques of various 3D software in order to create innovative and original artistic projects.


Technical informations

  • ​ These workshops are designed forchildren from 9 years old.

  • The durationworkshops can be adapted according to the material that is available to the school and according to the level of general knowledge of the children in the field of 3D. 

  • It's necessaryprovide at least chromebooks, ideally laptops for more advanced workshops. 

  • The costof the workshop depends on the duration and also on extras such as: set-up, travel, accommodation, etc.  


I invite you to contact me either byphoneeither byE-mailfor the reservation et for more information. 


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